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Redwood Ice Theatre Company | Santa Rosa Growlers Hockey

RITC Hockey Skaters

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Redwood Ice Theatre Company
Guest Hockey Players

Blake Johnson 
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Blake Johnson- 6' in heels or skates. Semi-professional sauce tosser. Arena programming director. Completed 13 semesters of college without receiving a degree. Boycotts social media. Best backwards crossovers in the county, but still toe-picks while on hockey skates. Big fish in a little pond.

Dave Rosefield 
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Dave Rosefield. Rosie. Santa Rosa Growlers Goaltender. Zamboni driver. Dog father. Beer drinker. Owner of weak knees and a strong fivehead. 

Cody Adams 
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Cody Adams. 29. From Illinois. Big time cat guy. Aggressively average guitar player. Probably has poured you a beer. Cries more than average. Quit hockey for ten years, back now. My knees might be worse than Dave’s. Once described as unloveable.

Andrew Olson
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Andrew Olson. Currently one of the Zamboni operators. Andrew plays in the Snoopy’s adult hockey league both playing out and as a goalie. Only missing 2 and a half teeth. Professional skate sharpener and owner of the worst smelling hockey gear.

Jack Trompeter
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Jack Trompeter. 21 years old.

Approximately 6 feet tall when jumping.

Big fan of Costco’s free samples.

Semiprofessional Zamboni driver.

Professional bad joke maker.

Has exactly 2 and half more teeth than Andrew Olson.

Angus Brodeur
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Angus Brodeur. SRJC Ice Hockey Manager/ Player. Record holder for tallest person who can't dunk. Poke check enthusiast. Certified goaltender protector. Gets asked how tall he is and if he plays basketball at least a dozen times a day.

Kevin Rose
The Glitter Games Hockey Contestant

Kevin Rose. Sonoma County grown.

Has taught at least 3 dogs how to high five. Has an unwavering desire to tell dad jokes at any given moment, whether they're welcomed or not. Probably the 3rd best Zamboni Driver at Snoopy's Home Ice. Very proud of his outside edge skating abilities. A mediocre veteran of Snoopy's Adult Hockey League, he is now a Glitter Games Participation Award hopeful.

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