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Guest Hockey Players


Blake Johnson

Santa Rosa Growlers

Blake Johnson- 6' in heels or skates. Semi-professional sauce tosser. Arena programming director. Completed 13 semesters of college without receiving a degree. Boycotts social media. Best backwards crossovers in the county, but still toe-picks while on hockey skates. Big fish in a little pond.


Haruka Takashima

Snoopy's Skating School

Haruka Takashima is a former member of the Japan women’s national ice hockey team. "When I was a high school freshman, I was selected as a member of the Japan women’s national ice hockey team. Since then, I have played in many international competitions, including the Ice Hockey World Championships and a 2006 Winter Olympics qualifier. In that qualifier, I was the youngest member of the team and won the Most Valuable Player award. After graduating from university, I went to Europe to join top teams in the region and retired as a professional player in 2013. I was invited to study at Waseda University, one of Japan’s top universities, thanks to my achievements in international competitions, with the expectation of becoming a leader in the sports industry after graduation. I received the Azusa Ono Memorial Award, the most honorable student award, from the university upon graduation. After retiring from competitive sports, I ventured into the business world, a rather unexpected option for Japanese women athletes. I was dispatched to the Japanese Olympic Committee where I supported elite athletes who will be able to contribute to Japan’s future sporting world and society at large. I worked in the Japan Sport Council, an incorporated administrative agency. At the same time, I have energetically pursued career enhancement activities, including working as a sports commentator for the Olympic games and a lecturer on themes such as dual-career development for athletes. My last task in Japan was being part of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I contributed to the success of competition management (Baseball/Softball) at the Tokyo Olympics. Currently, I am living in Sonoma County, CA and I want to incorporate my past experience to make ties with the sporting world between U.S. and Japan.


Andrew Olson

Adult Hockey League 

Andrew Olson. Currently one of the Zamboni operators. Andrew plays in the Snoopy’s adult hockey league both playing out and as a goalie. Only missing 2 and a half teeth. Professional skate sharpener and owner of the worst smelling hockey gear.


Jack Trompeter

Adult Hockey League 

Jack Trompeter. 21 years old. Approximately 6 feet tall when jumping. Big fan of Costco’s free samples. Semiprofessional Zamboni driver. Professional bad joke maker. Has exactly 2 and half more teeth than Andrew Olson.


Angus Brodeur

SRJC Polar Bears

Angus Brodeur. SRJC Ice Hockey Manager/ Player. Record holder for tallest person who can't dunk. Poke check enthusiast. Certified goaltender protector. Gets asked how tall he is and if he plays basketball at least a dozen times a day.


Cory Sammons

Snoopy's Skating School

Coach Cory has been instructing skating in NY, NY for the past 20+ years and has recently relocated to the area. He has extensive knowledge and experience coaching all levels of skating and hockey from Learn to Skate/Play through work with professional hockey players. Most recently, he has been a lead instructor with Kurt Nichols Power Skating in the NY/NJ/CT area working with teams and players from the Tri-State area as well as the Dallas Stars Elite Youth Hockey Club. Cory focuses on strengthening the fundamental skills that will lead to the greatest immediate improvement in a player's game then moves on to the fine adjustments that set elite players apart from the pack. Coach Cory is excited to bring his skills to Snoopy's Home Ice!


Dave Rosefield

Vintage Hocey Classic

Dave Rosefield. Rosie. Santa Rosa Growlers Goaltender. Zamboni driver. Dog father. Beer drinker. Owner of weak knees and a strong fivehead.


Daniel Johnson

Adult Hockey League 

Daniel Johnson, I was born and raised in Alpine, UT as the youngest of 9 kids. His mom was a professional figure skater so he's always had a passion for skating and hockey. Daniel graduated college from Utah Valley University and took a job working for a famous beagle named Snoopy shortly after. Daniel's hobbies and passions include hockey, basketball, surfing, cooking, art, and most importantly spending time with the amazing people in my life! There is no place he'd rather be right now than skating at the most beautiful ice arena in the world built by the wonderful Joyce Halverson Doty!

Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 1.30.32 PM.png

Cody Adams

Adult Hockey League 

Cody Adams. 29. From Illinois. Big time cat guy. Aggressively average guitar player. Probably has poured you a beer. Cries more than average. Quit hockey for ten years, back now. My knees might be worse than Dave’s. Once described as unloveable.


Josh Kaspar

SRJC Polar Bears

Josh Kaspar: JKasp, JaKaspy. Never skips leg day or thrifting. Has incredible hands when holding a hickey stick or a sewing machine. Will ask if he can have your leftovers before you even get your meal. Josh plays forward, has played on the Flyers on the JC teams. Josh also plays for the Adult League and is team captain for the Vintage Hockey Classic.


Kevin Rose

Adult Hockey League 

Kevin Rose. Sonoma County grown. Has taught at least 3 dogs how to high five. Has an unwavering desire to tell dad jokes at any given moment, whether they're welcomed or not. Probably the 3rd best Zamboni Driver at Snoopy's Home Ice. Very proud of his outside edge skating abilities. A mediocre veteran of Snoopy's Adult Hockey League, he is now a Glitter Games Participation Award hopeful.

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Meet our Hockey Partners

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